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BBC Micro: bit – STEM revolution in schools

February 1, 2017

Many of you already heard about crowdfunding campaign

“BBC Micro: bit – STEM revolution in schools

and how great this campaign is. Our President of the Board, Vedrana Likan shared her thoughts about this campaign which we bring you in whole:

Dear BBCC members, colleagues and friends,
I wanted to share with you a news of a very successful project, recognised and supported also by Mr Andrew Dalgleish, Her Majesty’s Ambassador to the Republic of Croatia and highly appreciated by BBCC as an organisation active in encouraging this kind of innovative, progressive and development-oriented educational projects.
The project was initiated by IRIM – Institute for Youth Development and Innovativity, known for its Croatian Makers movement, aiming to buy and provide BBC micro:bit sets for children in Croatian schools which are enabling them to learn mathematics, programming and robotics. It is actually a very exciting new technology developed by the BBC, Microsoft and other partners whose goal is to enable its mass involvement in primary schools, not only in STEM field, but also in design, arts and other subjects.
Through a crowdfunding campaign “BBC Micro: bit – STEM revolution in schools” that they started on the platform Indiegogo, the project raised its 1st targeted amount in just a few days and is now continuing collecting donations with an overall goal of reaching an amount of $ 300,000.
If you would like to be a part and participate in this amazing project, please check out the crowdfunding link below:
We are wishing the project all the recognition and success it deserves.

Best regards,
Vedrana Likan EMBA, MRICS
President of the Board

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