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Udruga ODAS

NGO for Research and Development ODAS

Main activity is in health care research and policy development in collaboration with academic institutions from Croatia and abroad, and with the United Nation agencies. It is becoming increasingly important for policy-makers and decision-makers to understand what works, why it works, and what impact these changes are having on cost and population health outcomes. We employ rigorous methods of quantitative and qualitative analysis to inform decision making by offering survey services, from study design, analysis, and reporting, to tools for quality improvement. Our technical assistance projects are in evaluation of health interventions and surveillance of infectious diseases mainly outside of Croatia, in eastern Europe, North Africa and the Middle East and Asia. Our organization works collaboratively with clients to conduct needs assessments and gather key stakeholder input that informs program design and service provision. We provided various forms of consultancy services, capacity building and knowledge transfer for the Ministries of Health and UN agencies, from one-on-one intensive consultations to regional workshops and trainings. Our primary expertise is in infectious disease surveillance – assessment of the quality of existing surveillance systems, identification of priority groups and geographical areas, implementation of surveys, data analysis and interpretation and evaluation of the outcomes and impact of health care interventions.

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