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Illyrian Funds d.o.o.

The Illyrian Land Funds are made up of three separate investment vehicles:
ILF1 Limited (ILF1) Launched in March 2006, ILF1 raised an initial €72m for real estate investments in Croatia, Slovenia and Serbia.
ILF2 Limited (ILF2) Launched in April 2007, ILF2 raised €80.4m for real estate investments in Croatia, Georgia and Serbia.
Duba Stonska Duba Stonska is a single investment project partially owned by ILF1 and ILF2 alongside four external coinvestors.

The Illyrian Land Funds are managed by staff employed by ILFE Limited, a Jersey domiciled subsidiary company of ILF1 and ILF2, headed up by Group Chief Executive Officer, Matjaz Princic.
We have offices in London (UK), Ljubljana (Slovenia), Zagreb (Croatia) and Novi Sad (Serbia).

Our largest investors are mainly institutional investors from London, the US and mainland Europe.

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