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Colliers International

Since the company was established in Zagreb in 2004, Colliers has held a position of a market leader throughout the real estate markets of Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Its experts dedicate their integrity, creativity, service excellence and utter professionalism to each project we are involved with. They aim to provide reliable consultancy in each business process and always represent the client’s best interest.

The foundation of Colliers services is the meticulous knowledge of the local markets, but at the same time, our clients can rely on its extensive network of contacts, projects and companies, regardless of country frontiers or market segments. Through a culture of business excellence, initiative and proactivity, Colliers has integrated resources of professionals around the world with the aim to increase the success of their client’s businesses.

Experience of Colliers in Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, market understanding and an innovative approach, bring optimal corporate solutions. From the very start of the project to its finish, in collaboration with its clients, we are jointly achieving the primary objective – increasing of the project’s value and insurance of its market success.


Colliers offers its expertise in various real estate segments throughout Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, mainly covering industrial market, mixed use projects, retail and office segment, as well as touristic and land properties, hotel and luxury residencies.

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