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GSK pharmaceutical business in Croatia operates as a part of the South East Europe (SEE) Cluster which consists of Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia and Montenegro, Cyprus, Malta and Gibraltar, Croatia, Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In Croatia GSK employs around 60 employees, located in its Zagreb office or covering the whole country as part of its sales teams.

With more than 25 years of presence in the market, GSK is recognized in Croatia as one of the most prominent multinational healthcare companies as well as a leader in corporate responsibility in the Pharmaceuticals sector. GSK Croatia operates in various areas – from distribution to marketing and sales. It has a strong portfolio of pharmaceutical and consumer healthcare products, as well as a number of vaccines across a wide range of disease areas. It is a leader in the treatment of respiratory diseases and HIV.

Millions of Croatians also benefit from its consumer healthcare products. Its brands such as Aquafresh, Sensodyne and Coldrex are known throughout Croatia and the world.

GSK puts its values of patient focus, transparency, integrity and patient focus at the heart of every decision it makes and how it works. As well as meeting the high quality and policy controls required of GSK, it continues to review and challenge its practices to ensure that its actions help the patients to do more, feel better and live longer.

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